Take off is a two day eco-consciece festival in Kirchberg (Luxembourg) for lovers of live music and enticing Dj sets in an outdoor setting. It is a festival brought to you by the Advantage Music asbl, known for the musical program of the legendary Vantage Bar in Beggen, and Trust in Talent asbl, a local networking organisation for creative industry enthusiasts. 

On the program of the main stage, you can expect to see local and international bands that play hiphop, blues and Jazz (electro Jazz, Jazz Fusion) orientated music. There will also be an opportunity to join jam-session or experience the new music that is made by mingling the performing artists on a cosier stage neer the Food & beverage space.

Take off is also a festival where local artists that work in Vjing and light sculpture design will also contribute to the decoration and overall experience for the audience.

Reserve your ticket now to make sure you get in. Due to limited capacity we can't guarantee there will tickets left at the door.